About Us

Arrowhead High School is glad to announce that the Warhawk Health and Wellness Center is reopening. This center is a hands-on project for Medical Terminology and Business Practice students at Arrowhead. It provides a skills-based learning environment for those who are pursuing a career in the health care profession.

The main idea of the center is to provide the students with an oppurtunity to perform the basic daily responsibilities of health care professionals within a carefully monitored environment, while also promoting a healthy lifestyle. It is an environment where students can learn from professionals on how a center should be run. Tasks include telephone skills, appointment scheduling, records managment, and basic physical exams. The best way to learn these skills is by applying them in real-life situations. To do this the AHS faculty and student body will become the patients of this center, helping the medical students learn how to complete these tasks.

The Warhawk Health and Wellness Center is asking for medical professionals from the community to volunteer to mentor the students. They are also asking for community members to volunteer as patients.


January 3rd to the 18th

A Days: 7:30 to 10:00

B Day: 7:30 to 8:45


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